Comic Stores

If you are interested in purchasing comics then you must first look for the nearest comic store in your neighborhood. Reading comic books has been a great pastime for many people as they grew up and some like me are still huge enthusiast on the comic book era. As I grew up I was always interested in all the comic books that where out there. I always believed that I would become a masked avenger like Batman and save my city from crime. Without the comic stores being there to fill in my boredom you never know what I would have been up too.

The stores which were open until late I might add, where a source of getting rid of my boredom and I would spend ours there flipping through various comic books make sure I had filled my head with great dreams before I would go home. Comic stores have provided me with a sanctuary where I could hide and set my worries away. I don’t do much reading of comics nowadays since I actually moved on to novels and real life stuff, but I still pick up a comic from time to time never forgetting my superhero friends that helped me out during my childhood. In fact I can truly say that they saved me which means they actually where heroes in my book.

Comic stores are a dime a dozen nowadays but there are a few in every neighborhood and they are the best place to go look for your favorite comic book, whether it’s DC  Comics own Batman, Robin and off course Superman or it is Marvel comic the Avengers, Spiderman, X-Men and many more. No matter what superhero my comic store was where I would find them.

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