“Comic Book News” Is A Relative Term

Over the annals of time there have been people to report on the events that occur in life. The same can be said in the world of comics where the term “comic book news” is readily applied, though is rarely accurate. Much like tabloid news, comic book news is mostly comprised of hype and interviews promoting products.

Take a publication like Wizard Magazine that used to be a fun and credible source of comic book news prior to the widespread use of the internet with comic book news sites cropping up by the dozens. Once reporting hard to find tidbits of information for the curious fan out of touch with the behind the scenes world of comics, Wizard was a bastion of comic book news to the uninformed. Now, however, always a step behind and hardly ever providing any real reporting, according to many, Wizard is highly considered nothing more than an 80-page commercial for products from the biggest comic companies in the industry.

Many comic book news websites are the same, rarely reporting any hard-hitting stories or asking the tough questions in interviews, they cater to the professionals and big companies that in kind provide them with exclusive previews and the like that other sites aren’t able to acquire. The two current biggest comic book news websites, Newsarama.com and ComicBookResources.com have such deals and often publish a lot of fluff. That’s not to say those sites, which are beloved by many a comic fan, do not publish newsworthy content as well, it’s just a little harder to find.

The fact is many comic and non-comic fans scoff at the term “comic book news” passing it off and not considering it real journalism. And that’s an accurate thought pattern when considering some so-called comic book news out there. But it’s certainly not the case in totality. There are, in fact, many real journalists in comic book news that write and publish informative, and sometimes controversial reports and articles on events in comics, about creators, and about publishers.

Therefore, the term “comic book news” is a relative term depending on who you ask and what you read. But rest assured, you can find real stories that would be worthy of any credible publication and would certainly be deemed newsworthy. But like the ‘real world’, you have to sift through all the garbage (ie, tabloids, or fluff) to find the real gems in comic book news.

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