What to Do With Old Comic Books

Everyone at one time or another had those old comic books lying around. Either from childhood, or they belonged to your parents or even grandparents. Or perhaps they were given to you from someone close who wanted to get rid of theirs. Most of the time they’re not worth much, just nice to have around for nostalgia’s sake. Other times you can find a real gem that you could keep and hold dear, or sell that puppy on Ebay or to a local retailer.

Regardless of where they came from or what one intends to do with them, those old comic books bring back a lot of memories and can be hard to let go of. But sometimes it’s necessary to do just that, either to lessen the clutter in your home, to make some quick cash, or to make room for more new ones! It’s still hard to let go of all those memories and cool stories you enjoyed so many years ago, but it can be worth it.

How do you know if they’re worth anything though? Well, if you’re not a regular comic reader, it’s a common misconception that they’re all worth at least as much as their cover price, and if they’re old they must be worth more. Sadly, that is almost never the case. Like anything else, comics depreciate with age, and with every tiny little crease they may have. They also lose value if the characters represented are no longer popular, or if the comics aren’t old enough. In fact, anything 1970s and up is probably not going to be worth a lot unless it’s a hot storyline, by a top creator, or features a first appearance by a very popular character.

One way you can find out if your old comic books are worth anything is to have them graded by the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) which grades comics and places them in a plastic protective covering to further preserve them. They also give a seal and a document of authenticity and of course a rating. Graded comics generally sell for considerably larger amounts than the same comic in mint condition that is not graded. But grading comes at a price. For each comic you grade it cost you anywhere from $20 to $80 depending. While it will sell for more, it may still be hard to find a buyer, and you’re cutting your profit by the cost of the grading.

Ebay is a great way of getting rid of old comic books as well. Everyone uses Ebay these days, and you can set reserve prices, or open it all the way up. You can sell single issues or collections. And you can describe your items in intricate detail for the potential buyers. Tons of comics are sold on Ebay every day.

You could also just give them away to Salvation Army, the local library, or some kid down the street if you wish. They’re your comics, so do what you want with them. If you want to keep your old comic books around, but you want to protect them, go purchase some bags and boards from your local or favorite online comic shop and throw them in a box for storage. It’s your call.

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