Wise Cracking, Web Slinging Alter Ego Self Spider Man Comics

It does not matter if we are adults or children we all love seeing action comic stories that pit good guys against bad guys with the winner being clearly addressed. One such comic that has world wide appeal is that of the amazing Spider Man comics. These comics feature Peter Parker and his wise cracking, web slinging alter ego self Spider Man.

Spider Man debuted in Marvel Comics during 1962. As he was only a guest appearance in that particular comic it was not considered that Spider Man would become a huge success in his own rights. This successful occurrence caused Marvel Comics to create a separate comic book series for Spider Man.

The various adventures of Spider Man comics began with Stan Lee and Steve Dikto. These are the people who contributed greatly towards Spider Man’s popularity with the many fans. Spider Man has for the most part been shown wearing a blue and red suit. The suit has black web lines crossing over the red sections of his suit.

While this is the main costume of the Spider Man comic hero, there was a time when the storyline changed Spider Man’s entire outfit to a black one. This black suited Spider Man Comic series lasted for about four years from 1984 onwards. At the end of that time the various fans of the Spider Man comics would learn of a new character to the world of Spider Man. This character was an alien Symbiote.

The Black Symbiote, Mary Jane Watson, the Green Goblin and the various other villains and heroes who have made their appearance in the Spider Man comics have all help to keep the fans interest by changing the various battles and situations that Spidey – as he is also called – continuously faces.

In the many different adventures of the Spider Man comics both Spider and Peter Parker are shown as down to earth individuals. This trait allows the various readers to identify to some extent with Spider Man. This is also probably why Spider Man comics are so very popular.

Other than battling evil villains the Spider Man comics also deal with various social issues that are ongoing in our society. The influence these comics have, can’t be underestimated as many of the Spider Man comic fans are children.

In all of these Spider Man comics we are shown how theses social issues affect the various people who are in the storyline. As comics like Spider Man continue to grow in popularity you will get to see the various other ideas that Marvel Comics has in store for our web slinging hero the Amazing Spider Man.

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