[#3] Imagec0rrupt3d’s HILARIOUS organization 13 COMICS!

Download the original! —v www.mediafire.com [Contains yaoi and stalker Marluxia] Song list: Joker and the Theif – Wolfmother Fat Lip – Sum 41 Colico – Kris Wilson The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki boys [sp?] Apache – Sugar Hill Gang Calabria – Drunken Monkey Milkshake – Goodnight Nurse Hot Blooded – Foreigner Paul Mcartney & Wings – Live and let die Square-Enix and Disney own ALL the characters. Imagec0rrupt3d owns all the artwork and ideas And all the artists who sung/create the songs, own all copyright… rights to the songs. I am making no money off of this, don’t stab me. 😀