President Barack Obama Comic Book Superhero

President Barack Obama has just completed his first 100 days in the White House as President of the United States of America. He is not only popular among the public, he is also gracing the pages of comic books. Comics have been written about his life, his life as President so far, and his journey through the presidential candidacy. He has made short appearances in Spider Man and has even been the star character in a comic called Youngblood. I’m sure that he was excited to appear in Spider Man because he told people that he used to collect Spider Man comic books.

In the Youngblood comic book, Barack Obama was a tough guy character. He character even carried a gun throughout the comic story. The plot of the story was that the White House was under attack and President Barack Obama was on his own to defend it. His secret service men were shot and killed, which left him running for his life. Although he carries a gun on him, he never shoots the gun in the comic. He saves his own life by safely hiding under a large clock. A lot of readers thought this comic was very controversial simply because he was featured with a gun. However, the main idea of the story is that he defends the White House from the bad guys.

In a series of comic books by IDW Publishing, Presidential Material, he will also be featured. IDW Publishing has featured other political candidates in their comic book series such as John McCain. Last year, IDW publishing wrote comics during the height of the presidential campaign. The comic helped in the media frenzy that gained both Barack Obama and John McCain a lot of attention. The comics written about them were biographies. Having a comic book biography is a great way to get people who are interested in comics also interested in the presidential election. And it works the other way as; people who are really involved with the elections will start to like reading comics. The series during the election became so popular, especially about Barack Obama, that they printed five in the series. Now that Barack Obama is our President, the Presidential Material series will cover his life during the inauguration and his first 100 days in office.

President Barak Obama is comparable to superheroes we read in comics. He defends the nation while making sacrifices against his own life. He never stops working to protect us and do what’s best for us. That is the job of the President, and the more you read about superheroes, you will also know it’s their job to protect, defend and do what’s best for their cities.


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