Random Funny Akatsuki Comics!

Oo-tay!! Second video!! YAY ME!! So yeah, i’m not perfect. But i’m getting better. Hehe!! Hope ya like it. And no really mean comments. If you say,”Not that great” that’s fine, whatever. but if you say “this is so sh*tty!! You suck!!” that is NOT ok! You can just leave, cuz i don’t need ur BS. And any comments of that nature will be removed. Got it? Good. HAVE FUN!! And yeah, the gaara comic at the start has NOTHING to do with the Akatsuki, but i HAD to put it in. It’s too funny! Music:”Feel Good Inc.” – Gorillaz “Just for Today” – India Arie Akatsuki (c) Masashi Kishimoto THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FANMADE, AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSIC COMPANY, MASASHI KISHIMOTO, OR THE MUSICAL ARTIST.