KH Comics; Part II

Okay…so there IS going to be a part three, I assure you though there will NOT be a part four! That would be going TOO far. I’m going to see how well these comics go, and perhaps I’ll make a series of them or something. Like V.1 and so forth… ~~~~ I can’t find Xigbar Report 4 of 4 pages. The fourth one is almost impossible to find…and that one has Roxas TT IF ANYONE HAS IT…OR KNOWS WHERE TO FIND IT…LET ME KNOW!! PLEASE!! And I’ve looked at photobucket, and the original artist on deviant. ITS NOWHERE!!! -dies- ~~**~~** I lost track of how much time I had on the video…so it kind of goes over the 10 min mark, but whoops. Luckily, it still uploaded. ^^ I have the fonts at the writing parts because at times, it IS quite difficult to understand what Danielle’s saying…everynow and then I had to go and check on the reports O__o Sorry dani .___. ~~~~~~ Voices and info will be on Part III and the video in part 3, so…if you want to know all the information, wait until part three. dont nag me and ask who did voices…because I have TWO whole pages of paper with names and stuff. HONESTLY! I’M NOT GOING TO TYPE IT OUT FOR ONE PERSON! NO!! ~~**~~~ Thanks for watching ^^ Rate and comment peez xd ——————- OH~ALMOST FORGOT! Legal:_________________________ I do not own any of the artwork shown on here, and the art is from Deviantart and random comics the people in here wanted to use that they sent to me. Neither do I own Kingdom Hearts, of course, but full rights