Meanwhile: the Impact of Comic Books on Society

Comic books and graphic novels have long captured the imaginations of children, teens and adults everywhere. Many people have read comics when they were kids, occasionally hiding a comic book inside of a school book in order to read it while their teacher lectured.  The frequency of which we would enjoy these tales usually decreased the more we grew into adulthood however, they still have a tremendous appeal.  Comic books have usually been thought of as nothing more than mere “children’s books” however, they have come a long way over the years.

Comics and graphic novels address a range of societal issues and allow us to showcase what is happening in the world today. Some comic books act only as plot devices, some as social commentary, and others try to make us think.

Their has been a rise in interest in comics in recent years primarily due to the entertainment industry and the internet.  The internet has given people new options for buying, selling and trading comic books with the online marketplace and websites such as Ebay and  Online comic book forums and message boards have also given comic book readers and collectors an instrument through which to connect and share their passion for this creative medium and have piqued interest in those new to comic culture.

Comics are now recognized as a valued medium and we can see their influence in just about every sector of our entertainment. From movies to television and from video games to amusement parks, comics have had a tremendous impact on our culture. As a result comics are no longer being censored in the sense of what should and shouldn’t be in them. This may be a bad thing for some but for others it is a basic part of free speech and the first amendment.

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