Do Sidekicks In Marvel Comics Exist?

While sidekicks in marvel comics aren’t a common theme, there have been some over the years, though they are few and far between. Unlike dc comics and other comic companies, marvel has largely frowned on child sidekicks, but early on that wasn’t the case.

One of the most famous sidekicks in marvel comics was Bucky, the partner of Captain America during World War II. When Bucky was supposedly killed, Captain America vowed never to bring a youth into that situation again. Bucky would of course come back to life as many dead comic characters do, thus ruining an old staple (the only characters in comics that stay dead are Bucky, Uncle Ben and Barry Allen, two of which have been revived so far). Bucky came back in the guise of the Winter Soldier, but he was no longer one of the sidekicks in marvel comics, but rather his own character and the bearer of the Captain America mantle after Cap’s recent death.

Rick Jones has to be the most prolific of the sidekicks in marvel comics having been a sidekick for several heroes, and a superhero in his own right at times. His very first appearance saw him play sidekick to the Incredible Hulk in the Hulk’s first issue, thus cementing Jones as one of the most famous sidekicks in marvel comics. He then became somewhat of a sidekick to Captain America, though Cap, newly revived after being frozen in ice, resisted as his stance on sidekicks in marvel comics remained unchanged. Jones even took up the “Bucky” mantle for a while. Jones then became attached to Captain Marvel, and was connected to him on another level after putting on the Nega-Bands. He would return to the Hulk’s side for a time, and later on he wrote a book on being one of the sidekicks in marvel comics.

More recently there has been a new group of sidekicks in marvel comics, even though they aren’t technically sidekicks. The Young Avengers, written by TV writer Allan Heinburg, are a group of fledgling superheroes who first donned similar costumes to the famous Avengers. There was Patriot, Hulkling, Iron Lad and Wiccan, each mimicking various Avengers. Once Captain America learned of their existence he tried to stop them as his stance on sidekicks in marvel comics still remained unchanged. But the team would continue on and adding new members including a girl taking on the name of an Avenger, Hawkeye. They have fought alongside the Avengers, and played a role in Civil War and Secret Invasion. These kids may not be proper sidekicks in marvel comics, but they are still considered sidekicks nevertheless.

Though the landscape of the universe will probably never completely welcome sidekicks in marvel comics, there will always be exceptions and instances where they will exist and sometimes thrive.

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