Marvel Civil War part 1 (By Kayjay Comics)

Relive Marvel’s masterpiece Civil War once again! For those of you unfamiliar with this storyline, this great series begins in Stamford Connecticut where a group of young Super Hero’s named the New Warriors cause a national disaster that forces the US Government to take action. The plan is to force every Super Hero into unmasking and registering their services to the Government, and at the forefront of this operation is Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. But not every Hero agrees with this new law and feels that the tradition and dangers that come with unmasking comes at far too great a risk, and their chosen leader is none other then the star spangled Avenger himself Captain America! So get ready for the thrill ride that is Civil War and don’t forget to subscribe updated whenever a post a new video on this series. Part 2 is complete Here is the link……………. Part 3 – Part 4 –