9 Funny Jokes About Ghosts, “Lotion” and Vows – ROFL

The funniest stand-up comics from across the country take on ghosts, babies, bumper stickers and more. Living with Ghosts Who left a post-it on the dishes that says, “BOOOOOOOOO?” Going to the Doctor “Hands-On Health Care” could mean a number of things. This is the wrong thing. How old is your baby? FYI, I stopped listening to you 2595 seconds ago. Just to be exact. Lotion Surprise Oh, that light you see is simply my glistening personality Marriage Vows Let’s write our own vows… in pencil… Bumper Stickers Why put an opinion I don’t like on your bumper? Bumpers are made for ramming into. Hair Loss Sucks Missing: 100000 individual follicles, various colors, answers to the name “Manhood” Family Feud Survey says: I hate you people! Highlights Magazine Hey Kids! Can you find all the hidden special interest propaganda in this picture? Comedians: Linda Aarons, Andy Ritchie, Chad Daniels, Daniel Kinno, Rahn Hortman, Kyle Grooms, Auggie Smith, Robert Hawkins, Cy Amundson, Doug Mellard