Organization XIII Volume 3

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING!!! UPDATE: I posted a link to Psycrowe’s Page on Many of you requested it and I finally made it. This is the third installation of Psycrowe’s Organization XIII Comics. It is however missing a tiny portion of comics that have not been created by Psycrowe yet. This is the first video I’ve made in Vista, thus it gave me a lot of issues to make. Well anywayz, enjoy 🙂 FAQ Q) Who is the guy in the first part of Episode 12? A) That’s just the Melodious Nocturne, Demxy before he gets a trim lol Q) What songs from KH did you use? A) You’ll find that answer in the credits. Q) What font did you use and how can I get it? A) Its the Kingdom Hearts font. Just follow these steps to get it: 1) Go to and search “Kingdom Hearts” 2) Click download and save it to your desktop. 3) Open up Control Panel and: a) If it appears as classic view, open up the FONTS folder b) If it appears as category view, click on APPEARANCE AND THEMES and then click FONTS on the left task bar c) If you have Windows Vista, click on APPEARANCE AND PERSONALIZATION and then click on FONTS d) If you have a Mac, I can’t help you. 4) Drag the font from your desktop to this folder, which should contain various other fonts. 5) After dragging and dropping the font, if it still appears in your desktop, you may delete it (from your desktop of course). 6)Now you may use it in any application that allows multiple fonts such as Microsoft Word and