Johnny the Homicidal Maniac – Breaking the Habit

READ ME FIRST BEFORE WATCHING! QUESTIONS ARE LISTED BELOW! Wanna watch my video in High Quality? Just add &fmt=18 to the end of the url. Please DO NOT repost this video unless you have my permission. Contact me through messages BEFORE you post them elsewhere. Do not use the comments (on my main page) to contact me because I rarely read them. This would be the second time someone has stolen my video. That person did not ask for my permission nor gave me credit. Guys, don’t steal my work. I really work hard on them not just for someone to steal it. I’ve already flagged the video and it should be taken down soon. Oh well… Yet another question and answer segment provided for you, so grab a cookie and and read before you ask. 1) What was the font you used in the beginning and the font you used at the end? Homicide Effect- (should be at the bottom of the page) Invader- (should be right in the middle of the page) Please thank Invader897 for reminding what font I used in the beginning (Homicide Effect font). He shall receive something special in my next video. 2) Where did you get the Die-ary entry from? I couldn’t find it throughout JTHM. -I wrote that JTHM Die-ary entry. Yes, take a deep breath in disbelief. I’ve seen it in someone elses JTHM video and I don’t mind if you guys use it. 3) What the song and artist name? -This deserves a face palm, really. If you don’t know what the song and artist name is by now, do find a hammer and shove it