Marvel vs DC Universe MEGA Trailer (Unofficial)

**DISCLAIMER**This upload is non-commercial and fan-made for only entertainment. This is a comic book fan’s dream movie. Q & A’s: What’s up with the story with Lex Luthor and crystals? Lex Luthor is a scientist who travels to the fortress of solitude with two goals: power and the destruction of Superman. After capturing Kryptonian crystals, Lex utilizes them to merge the Marvel and DC universes. Lex plans to gain control of a shattered world and hopes for the fall of Superman after the war. Isn’t Spawn from “Image Comics?” Yes, Spawn is Image. Check out my “Marvel vs DC EXTERMINATION Trailer” for more of the story on Spawn’s special appearance and why I chose to focused on Dr. Manhattan. Footage: X-men Trilogy Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Punisher Daredevil Blade Constantine Watchmen The Incredible Hulk Iron Man Ghost Rider Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer Spiderman 2 Spawn Superman Returns Audio: Brand X Music – The Quest (Long Version) Two Steps From Hell – Master of Shadows Brand X Music – Forgotten World Brand X Music – Absolute Power