Deadpool and Lando Calrissian Team-Up Crossover

Deadpool and Lando Calrissian have teamed up to fight a problem that is affecting both Star Wars and Marvel characters (specifically them). Their solution? Do a submission for Kevin Craft’s Put On Challange in order to help gain enough subscribers that they can fight of the scourge that is plaguing them. IT FOR A CONTEST SO EVERY ONE NEEDS TO RATE AND COMMENT Thanks to TeknekFlozart for doing this Collab with me. Everyone go check out his channel. He has some Hi-Larious video with great animation. Also check out Kevin Craft’s page. He a comedian, real funny, great page. Deadpool and other Marvel Characters owned by Marvel Inc Lando Calrissian and other Star Wars Characters are owned by George Lucas and Lucas Arts Deadpool Mugen created by The Unlimited ( )