WildC.ats-S1E# Dark Blade

WildC.ATs ™ Animated Series is a trademark of © WildStorm Productions in association with Nelvana, DC Comics, and created by Jim Lee. It in noway intends to infringe upon the copyright of the aforementioned company and/or other companies directly involved in the production of WILDC.ATs products and merchandise. This is solely for personal and fan enjoyment only. Created in 1994. It had only thirteen episodes and a “watered down”, family-friendly storyline (in particular, Voodoo was an adolescent rather than an ex-stripper). The group was composed of all the original ‘CATs The major villain was Hellspont, but the Troika and the Coda were featured. A parody of the series, MadD.OGs, was seen during Alan Moore’s run in the comics. The series was produced by Nelvana and WildStorm (Funimation recently released the series’ entire run on DVD). Copyright of WildStorm Productions in association with Nelvana. DVD Distribution by FUNimation Entertainment