Batman Beyond ROTJ – The Last Laugh Fandub

Before The Dark Knight came out there was one hidden gem that showed EXACTLY what the Joker should be like, no disrespect to Heath Ledger, I actually enjoyed his portrayal ALOT and I respected him before all the Joker hype, but Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) was the ultimate casting for The Joker. I don’t think any animated character has ever been better cast. This is one of the most shocking scenes in animation that I know of, it has blood and everything. It’s so brilliant for Batman! Speaking of Batman, here he is played by Psylentknight who sounds totally awesome, right? I was watching an interview Lillylivers did with him and then he mentioned that he’d like to play Batman, and since I’ve always wanted to play The Joker I thought it was a great oppertunity. As the Joker’s henchwench/girlfriend Harley Quinn, I cast my own lovely girlfriend. ^^ Her voice is so perfect for it! Just listen to her singing, it’s downright creepy! I love it (even though you took forever… XD) As Barbara Gordon/Batgirl I cast Ginaximmortal. I don’t really have a reason for it but she was my first pick and I thought her normal voice would fit Batgirl well, she gave a great performance at her older self too. =) I left Robin as the original because the laughter is so chilling and is speaking part is so small. I love my cast, you were all amazing! =,) Batman – Psylentknight The Joker – VoiceActorDreamer Harley Quinn – BriannaValiente Barbara Gordon – Ginaximmortal I’ve been working on this for