Mortal Kombat vs DC: Chapter 4 – Green Lantern

Part 4: Revenge of Oompa Loompa Through the years, comic books have the real chronology in terms of what counts in character’s historys, while movies and cartoons are mere adaptations. This said, through the ages, there have been many green lanterns across the universe. The first ever green lantern was created in the 1940’s, and his real name is Alan Scott, who is still around, as a member of the justice society. In the 60’s, carmine infantino, revitalized the green lantern franchise by adding a new concept, an army that protects the universe, with basicly the same powers and name as the first one. Earth’s Green Lantern, was Hal Jordan, who was one of the founding member, and part of it in many incarnations, of the justice league of america. Guy Gardner, and John Stewart came aboard, in the 80s. While Guy was mostly used as a comedy relief character with his macho pose, Stewart was never used to his fully potential, and later was even put on a shelf. For a while he was even on another inter galactical army, called the darkstars. Stewart would only gain some popularity among fans in the 2000’s, when DC wanted some colour diversity on their justice league cartoon. After that, they gave him a bit of a “push” on the comics, but never as the n1 Green Lantern, as the green lantern magazine was always starred by either kyle or hal. John was always more of a support character. In the 90’s DC wanted to revitalize the Green Lantern once again, and so they basicly turned (he was