8-Bit Theatre Chaos ~ Episode 2

The story continues as Black Mage and Fighter reach Corneria, and all hilarity ensures when Fighter decides he wants to be a Light Warrior. This episode includes the comics: ——————— Episode 011: The Great Black Mage Hype. Episode 012: The Dramatic Cliffhanger! Episode 013: The Dramatic Flashback! Episode 014: Crouching Monkey, Hidden Fighter Episode 015: A little intellectual conversation. Episode 016: The Quest to Assault the Elderly! Episode 017: Gathere Ye Lighte Warriorse! Episode 018: We’ve All Been There. Episode 019: Sephiroth’s Was So Much Cooler Anyway. Episode 020: The Quest to Assault the Elderly Continues! For the excellent 8-Bit comic series that inspired this video visit nuklearpower.com!