ALIEN BLACKBOOK PIECE- HIGH DEF What’s up Tubeheadz, took a long time to get this one together We stalled a bit to raise up our technical capabilities but finally it’s here & in a big way! Thanks to my Editor Extraordinaire- Ms.Tameeka Ballance. (SO MAKE SURE TO ENJOY IT IN HD) Those of you following my channel know, last year around the holidays i posted my first Blackbook vid “the Hulk piece”, i did that as a Vid experiment. i never imagined that there’d be a crowd that would enjoy it. then i followed up with the Pen and Ink piece “the savage sword”. It was inspired by the old Conan comics. Now, this is the 3rd installment of my BlackBook Piece series. This is an Alien themed double pager i did for (#7) Had a lot of fun on this one, tried to give a much closer detailed look at the tools and strokes.. hopefully it will satisfy some of the curiousity about how i construct my layouts and detail my highlights. there are more planned vidz in the works, You know as always, we will try to raise the bar one piece at time. keep watching, keep creating, and enjoy the Holidays everyone! CortesNYC