Knuckleduster – Animatic

This is an animatic (storyboard timed to audio) project I worked on once every day (except for that one time) from early February to late March in 2007. It was inspired by Darkspeeds video comics/storyboards as well as the song itself. The song (used with permission) is by Dan Baranowsky and is a remix of the Marble Garden Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for Project Chaos, an OCRemix collection of remixed music from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles Summary: Knuckles tries to give a concert but his audience, or lack thereof, isn’t feeling his performance, so he tries to win them over with an in-your face approach. Robotnik is flying around sucking up animals and turning them into robots as usual. Tails dukes it out with the bad guys. Oh yeah, and Sonic’s there too. Lyrics: I’ve gotta know Who takes a life for free? Some kind of man, I know would tell her openly I know your eyes expand I won’t lead you by the hand I’ll ask again, Please, is there anybody free? A foreign land Why won’t they speak to me? I know your eyes expand We can’t lead you by the hand Know you’re a knuckleduster And you’re caught in a relapse now With eyes half open and a trail of head crumbs, Tell me again where you are from. Original flash w/updates: