Stephen King Under the Dome Book Signing – Dundalk, MD 11/11/09

Stephen King at Walmart in Dundalk, Maryland, November 11, 2009 Questions: 1: What is your favorite story you have written? 2: Will Under the Dome be a movie? 3: Whats the status of the Talisman adaptation? 4: Will your next book be about dundalk, md? 5: Any plans to continue dark tower? 6: How long have you been writing? 7: Will it be returning since its been almost 28 years since it? 8: Do you shop at Walmart? 9: How do you find your inspiration? 10: Any more comics coming out? 11: Do you ever scare yourself? 12: How about them crab cakes? 13: What author would you stand in line for? 14: What character scares you the most? 15: Insomnia movie? 16: Why don’t you do more book signings? 17: How is your hip? 18: Would you go back and do a book over? 19: What is the first book you remember writing? 20: Do you ever have nightmares? 21: How did you like the 1408 movie additions? 22: Can I pass this up to you? (Script or book) 23: Marsha needs a raise 24: Another Bachman book? 25: Cell movie?