Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition – A Fragile Hope – Tatooine cutscenes

This video is brought to you by Galaxies and Comics forum. – where science fiction and fans meet together. The first mission in this new setting consists of Marek being sent to Tatooine to find information regarding the stolen Death Star plans. Carving his way through numerous Jawas and Tusken Raiders, Marek breaks into Jabba’s palace and cuts down numerous thugs in an effort to gain a meeting with the crime lord. His destructive spree impresses Jabba, and he agrees to meet with Marek. Marek inquires about two droids; a protocol droid and an astromech droid; who are thought to hold the plans. Jabba initially denies any knowledge of these droids, but a foolish blunder on the part of his current translator droid gives away his deception. Enraged by this latest development, Jabba drops Marek into the Rancor pit. However, Marek kills the Rancor and escapes through the palace incinerator, encountering a salvaged and hobbled PROXY along the way. PROXY helps Marek bypass the garbage disposal security, allowing him to escape to the Palace hangar, where he is confronted by Boba Fett, who is looking to collect on the bounty on Marek’s head. The two engage in a lengthy battle, but Marek ultimately prevails when he telekinetically throws one of Fett’s rockets back at him, apparently killing the bounty hunter. Following the information inadvertently revealed by Jabba’s translator, Marek travels to Mos Eisley and storms in on Docking Bay 94 just as the droids