Jim Carrey dazzles Johnny Carson 1991

28 year old Jim Carrey was already going full blast in his stand-up comedy career in 1991 when he appeared for the last time on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in 1991. Jim had been on the Carson Show several times by this point and was becoming one of Johnny’s favorite comics. With his wild, physical comedy and impulsive behavior, Carrey was already starting to eclipse his natural predecessor Robin Williams. This particular show was poignant because Johnny was only months from his big retirement and EVERYBODY was watching the show, knowing it was the end of an era. Jim was in his 3rd season of “In Living Color” and was quickly becoming the IT boy in Show business. “Why is he not a bigger star?” was the prevailing thought around Hollywood. This all changed in 1994 when Jim hit the international Zeitgeist with 3 big, starring movie roles and a BIG paycheck, reflecting his assured bankability. Despite his shy, nice guy demeanor, notice Carrey’s sly, impish and highly developed sense of subversiveness. Not to mention what a fine mimic and impersonator he is. In the ensuing 17 years, he has proven himself a fine, subtle actor as well as an exciting presence in person and on the big and small screen. “Church Camouflage”, indeed!