[Persona 4] Hiimdaisy Comic Dub (Part 2)

WANNA READ THE COMICS? Check out hiimdaisy’s LJ at the link below: tinyurl.com BUY THE GAME: tiny.cc Yay it’s finally done! Anyway, this project has been taking up a lot of my time, so I think I’ll take it slow with the next part. Please don’t ask me when the next one will be out. It’ll probably take a month or so since we’ll be tackling the entire second comic at once (there may be two videos). You may see a Phoenix Wright dub soon… maybe. Cast: Narrator: GiantJuicyKickBalls (tinyurl.com Random Student: Antfish Protagonist: sonicmega (tinyurl.com Dojima: Tomamoto (tinyurl.com Nanako: Hnilmik (tinyurl.com Inner Thoughts/Saki’s Father/Monster: GeneralIvan (tinyurl.com Yosuke: Seiyru (tinyurl.com Chie: Sapphire Yukiko: Seiyru Adachi: Y. Chang (tinyurl.com Saki: Sapphire Izanagi: SeiyruRenaih TV Reporter: Tomamoto Teddie: GForce (tinyurl.com Igor: Omahdon (tiny.cc Audio-Mixing: Sapphire (Me) Video-Editing: Antfish (tinyurl.com Music: Persona 4 OST, Ren and Stimpy OST, ZStriefel SFX: Umineko and other stuff. ————————————- #14 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Film & Animation #46 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Film & Animation – Canada #93 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Film & Animation – United Kingdom #57 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Film & Animation – New Zealand #83 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Film & Animation #99 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Film & Animation – Mexico #43 – Top Favorited (Today)) #2 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Film & Animation #11 – Top Rated (Today)) – Film