8-Bit Theatre Chaos ~ Episode 8

The Light Warriors meet back up at the Inn, and Garland submits an evil scheme to Princess Sara. This episode includes the comics: ——————— Episode 071: Sometimes He Should Really Keep Quiet Episode 072: Why Does it Always End in Murder? Episode 073: Black Mage Finally Gets to the Inn Episode 074: Guest Appearances By… Episode 075: Behind Closed Doors Episode 076: Fighter and Red Mage Are Back Episode 077: And Now Thief is Back Episode 078: Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the Plot… Episode 079: Garland Needs Some Help Episode 080: Three Scenes, One Comic, It’s Madness! For the excellent 8-Bit comic series that inspired this video visit nuklearpower.com! Bryon “Psyguy” Beaubien appears curtesy of Fireball20xl.com. (Also, missed it off the credits: ‘Caramelldansen’ – Caramell (Metal version by NicoNico-Video users)