[1080p HD] Kara (카라) – Lupin (English subbed)

Kara (카라) – Lupin [1080p HD] (English Subbed) Many people have been asking what dose “Lupin” mean. I guess I should have added that Lupin is actually a fictional character who appears in a book series of detective fiction / crime fiction novels written by French writer Maurice Leblanc. The character has been used in several different books, movies, comics, stage plays, television. The character of gentleman thief, thus the reason why you see Kara wearing all black, top hat and cape. Although with Kara more feminine in style. Probably many have heard of Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin which has been made into manga, Anime and TV Series, FIlm, and Games. Subbed and Timed by me Translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic cs-dordor.blogspot.com Click at the white arrow and make sure CC is turn on to view subs. Please let me know if I have the timing wrong. SInce my Korean is really, really limited. I usually don’t provide English subs even though I know how to make them but I really like this song and wanted to add subs to it. Video Released: February 22, 2010 I really love their new concept and I can’t wait for their comeback performance on Mnet M! Countdown on the 25th. With T-ara also coming out with a dark concept: Evil Seduction, and with both Kara and T-ara comebacks being around the same time, I wonder which of the two Girl Groups will be more successful. I personally like both groups equally, maybe Kara more than T-ara, but in my opinion Kara will be having