Classic Game Room HD – MADWORLD for Wii review

Classic Game Room HD reviews MADWORLD for Nintendo Wii published by Sega! This review has Madworld gameplay footage from Sega’s Madworld for Nintendo Wii showing Madworld being played in HD (upconverted from component). What a game! Who complains about the lack of violent, explosive, action packed video games on the Wii with games like Mad World? The gameplay in Mad World is fast paced, violent, over the top and completely insane. It’s like playing a living comic book. Sin City, Hard Boiled and numerous other dark, black and white comics come to mind (although Hard Boiled was in color, the environment, detail and carnage feel familiar). Madworld puts your character in the ultra violent game show of the future, like The Running Man. Except all is not as it seems and Madworld has an interesting plot to compliment the uber violent nature of the game. The graphic novel style and unique Nintendo Wii controllers enhance the experience with a unique sci-fi horror feel and excitement. It’s like The Running Man meets Escape from New York. Whip you Wiimote around to impale people on spikes or crush them in garbage cans. Bloodthirsty hordes of drugged out mungheads wander the streets of Deathwatch waiting to be cut in half with a chainsaw. Evil Dead 2 anyone? Madworld should appeal to anyone looking for an action packed, blood soaked free-for-all on the Wii which has good controls and excellent graphics and gameplay. Not for young children or those scared of cartoonish blood. Marks