Wangan Midnight Movie Trailer (FULL)

story : The official website of Kodansha Comics has announced on Saturday that a theatrical film based on Michiharu Kusunoki’s Wangan Midnight street-racing manga will open in Japan this summer. Like the previous television anime and video features, Wangan Midnight the Movie will center on a young man named Akio who salvages “Devil Z,” a custom-tuned Datsun Fairlady S30Z car with a supposedly cursed history. ENJOY THIS….. Thanks for LiveJournal!!!!!!!!! A MomoHinamori1989’s Productions Presents! WHOOOOO!!!!!.. GO GO GO GO Kazuki Kato!!! GO GO GO GO GO Yuichi Nakamura!!!!!!!! Please Comment Back DONT LOSE BACK!!!! WHO THIS WON THE RACE???? Click here: Cast: Yuichi Nakamura (D-Boys) Kazuki Kato (Prince Of The tennis Musicals) Kobayashi Ryoko (From The Series Of Sunadokei)