Jokes About Fake Asses, Public Nudity and Swine Flu – ROFL

Funniest Jokes of the Week!!!! The best stand-up comics from across the country take on traveling, college, and public nudity. Seven nights a week, records live stand-up comedy all around the world and brings you the best of it. These are our favorite jokes about traveling, college, public nudity, and a bunch of other hilarious, disgusting, true stuff. I’m sure you have some hilarious jokes about that stuff too, but trust me, this is better. For more jokes that are better than yours, head over to Figure Drawing Can I use my artistic license to avoid your wang? Long Leather Coats Who says dorks don’t have uniforms? Pictures of my Kid They’ve never issued an Amber Alert for an airplane before, have they? Post College Plans And to the graduating class of 2009, I say…do you validate parking? Hand Washing You know what they say: one hand washes the other. Unless you never wash your hands. Math Tutor Something here just doesn’t add up. Oh, it’s you. Ass Forgery I don’t care if a girl is “faking it,” as long as “it” isn’t her butt. The Hilarity of Men You’re lucky God made me patient, because He made you an idiot. Cat Marketing Strategies Mr. Bubbles has lifestyle standards that Mr. Bubbles likes to maintain, ok? Comedians: Reid Faylor, Andi Smith, Matt Stanton, Jarrod Harris, Michael Palascak, Amber Preston, Doug Mellard, Chris Porter, Jackie Kashian, Lachlan Patterson