Friends and Subscribers 2009 Music Video – “Sum 41 Noots”||HD!

**BE SURE TO WATCH IN HD**!=D About a 2 minute and 30 seconds of my Friend and Subscribers video of 2009. Like everyone else did, I promised myself that I would post this when I Get 100 Subscribers. The Music Video is set to the song, “Noots By Sum 41” if you didn’t subscribed by January 16 2009, then your name will not Be Mentioned so I apologize. Don’t forget to RATE & SUBSCRIBE!! Enjoy! Audio – “Sum 41” – Noots – (Big shout out to SouperBoyX for Song choice – You rock man) All clips are respectfully owned by marvel Entertainment/Dc Comic book characters & all Of Its Affiliations, this is used for purely entertainment purposes only. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! The audio Noots by sum 41 – is as well owned By The group “Sum 41 and all its Affiliations! No Infrequent intended