Kathy Griffin – Straight To Hell (1/5)

The first part of Kathy Griffin’s hilarious special “Straight To Hell”. For anyone new to Kathy Griffin that does not understand, here is what this video and this description explains. In her acceptance speech for her first Emmy, Kathy parodied sportstars, television stars and so on that thank Jesus for their award or achievement, satirising the belittling of religion that entitles successful people to believe that their achievements have somehow been attached to a holy intervention. So, in satire, she said “This Award Is My God Now!”, parodying those types of people. Although Kathy has said she is agnostic/athiest, it wasn’t a direct attack on religion. If anything, it was an attack on those that use religion for their own personal uses. She parodies this further by calling her special, “Straight to Hell”. This is NOT a place to discuss religion, catholicsm, and athiesm. This is a place for people to laugh and appreciate Kathy Griffin, one of the best comics in the world. In my view, religion is so personal and so intimate, that it will always be a tumultuous topic. No one has any physical evidence to prove what happens after we die, and so anything we have is based on belief. Please understand this. Keep it to yourself.